Today, Knowledge Management today are not limited merely to : (A) 'knowing' or 'reading lots of books/scholarly articles' or (B) data mining, analysis, decision making, preventive actions, or (C) some Human Resources Management issue or (D) some ICT issue. Knowledge Management is about putting your knowledge, skills and competency into practice and most important IT WORKS! For you and your company or your business (Nik Zafri)

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Email: nikzafri@yahoo.com, nikzafri@gmail.com

Kelantanese, Alumni of Sultan Ismail College Kelantan (SICA), Diploma (Management), IT Competency Cert, Certified Written English Professional US. Has participated in many seminars/conferences (local/ international) in the capacity of trainer/lecturer and participant.

Affiliations :- Council Member of Gerson Lehrman Group NY, Institute of Quality Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Management, Malaysian Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Association, Auditor ISO 9000 IRCAUK, Auditor OHSAS 18000 (SIRIM and STS) /EMS ISO 14000:2004 and Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS, CIDB (Now BCA) Singapore),

* Possesses 26 years of experience/hands-on in the multi-modern management & technical disciplines (systems & methodologies) such as Knowledge Management (Hi-Impact Management/ICT Solutions), Quality (TQM/ISO), Safety Health Environment, Civil & Building (Construction), Manufacturing, Motivation & Team Building, HR, Marketing/Branding, Business Process Reengineering, Economy/Stock Market, Contracts/Project Management, Finance & Banking, etc. He was employed to international bluechips involving in national/international megaprojects such as Balfour Beatty Construction/Knight Piesold & Partners UK, MMI Insurance Group Australia, Hazama Corporation (Hazamagumi) Japan (with Mitsubishi Corporation, JA Jones US, MMCE and Ho-Hup) and Sunway Construction Berhad (The Sunway Group of Companies). Among major projects undertaken : Pergau Hydro Electric Project, KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, LRT Tunnelling, KLIA, Petronas Refineries Melaka, Putrajaya Government Complex, Sistem Lingkaran Lebuhraya Kajang (SILK), Mex Highway, KLIA1, KLIA2 etc. Once serviced SMPD Management Consultants as Associate Consultant cum Lecturer for Diploma in Management, Institute of Supervisory Management UK/SMPD JV. Currently – Associate/Visiting Consultants/Facilitators, Advisors for leading consulting firms (local and international) including project management. To name a few – Noma SWO Consult, Amiosh Resources, Timur West Consultant Sdn. Bhd., TIJ Consultants Group (Malaysia and Singapore) and many others.

* Ex-Resident Weekly Columnist of Utusan Malaysia (1995-1998) and have produced more than 100 articles related to ISO-9000– Management System and Documentation Models, TQM Strategic Management, Occupational Safety and Health (now OHSAS 18000) and Environmental Management Systems ISO 14000. His write-ups/experience has assisted many students/researchers alike in module developments based on competency or academics and completion of many theses. Once commended by the then Chief Secretary to the Government of Malaysia for his diligence in promoting and training the civil services (government sector) based on “Total Quality Management and Quality Management System ISO-9000 in Malaysian Civil Service – Paradigm Shift Scalar for Assessment System”

Among Nik Zafri’s clients : Adabi Consumer Industries Sdn. Bhd, (MRP II, Accounts/Credit Control) The HQ of Royal Customs and Excise Malaysia (ISO 9000), Veterinary Services Dept. Negeri Sembilan (ISO 9000), The Institution of Engineers Malaysia (Aspects of Project Management – KLCC construction), Corporate HQ of RHB (Peter Drucker's MBO/KRA), NEC Semiconductor - Klang Selangor (Productivity Management), Prime Minister’s Department Malaysia (ISO 9000), State Secretarial Office Negeri Sembilan (ISO 9000), Hidrological Department KL (ISO 9000), Asahi Kluang Johor(System Audit, Management/Supervisory Development), Tunku Mahmood (2) Primary School Kluang Johor (ISO 9000), Consortium PANZANA (HSSE 3rd Party Audit), Lecturer for Information Technology Training Centre (ITTC) – Authorised Training Center (ATC) – University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) Kluang Branch Johor, Kluang General Hospital Johor (Management/Supervision Development, Office Technology/Administration, ISO 9000 & Construction Management), Kahang Timur Secondary School Johor (ISO 9000), Sultan Abdul Jalil Secondary School Kluang Johor (Islamic Motivation and Team Building), Guocera Tiles Industries Kluang Johor (EMS ISO 14000), MNE Construction (M) Sdn. Bhd. Kota Tinggi Johor (ISO 9000 – Construction), UITM Shah Alam Selangor (Knowledge Management/Knowledge Based Economy /TQM), Telesystem Electronics/Digico Cable(ODM/OEM for Astro – ISO 9000), Sungai Long Industries Sdn. Bhd. (Bina Puri Group) - ISO 9000 Construction), Secura Security Printing Sdn. Bhd,(ISO 9000 – Security Printing) ROTOL AMS Bumi Sdn. Bhd & ROTOL Architectural Services Sdn. Bhd. (ROTOL Group) – ISO 9000 –Architecture, Bond M & E (KL) Sdn. Bhd. (ISO 9000 – Construction/M & E), Skyline Telco (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Knowledge Management),Technochase Sdn. Bhd JB (ISO 9000 – Construction), Institut Kefahaman Islam Malaysia (IKIM – ISO 9000 & Internal Audit Refresher), Shinryo/Steamline Consortium (Petronas/OGP Power Co-Generation Plant Melaka – Construction Management and Safety, Health, Environment), Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (Negotiation Skills), Association for Retired Intelligence Operatives of Malaysia (Cyber Security – Arpa/NSFUsenet, Cobit, Till, ISO/IEC ISMS 27000 for Law/Enforcement/Military), T.Yamaichi Corp. (M) Sdn. Bhd. (EMS ISO 14000) LSB Manufacturing Solutions Sdn. Bhd., (Lean Scoreboard (including a full development of System-Software-Application - MSC Malaysia & Six Sigma) PJZ Marine Services Sdn. Bhd., (Safety Management Systems and Internal Audit based on International Marine Organization Standards) UNITAR/UNTEC (Degree in Accountacy – Career Path/Roadmap) Cobrain Holdings Sdn. Bhd.(Managing Construction Safety & Health), Speaker for International Finance & Management Strategy (Closed Conference), Pembinaan Jaya Zira Sdn. Bhd. (ISO 9001:2008-Internal Audit for Construction Industry & Overview of version 2015), Straits Consulting Engineers Sdn. Bhd. (Full Integrated Management System – ISO 9000, OHSAS 1800 and EMS ISO 14000 for Civl/Structural/Geotechnical Consulting), Malaysia Management & Science University (MSU – (Managing Business in an Organization), Innoseven Sdn. Bhd. (KVMRT Line 1 MSPR8 – Awareness and Internal Audit (Construction), ISO 9001:2008 and 2015 overview for the Construction Industry), Kemakmuran Sdn. Bhd. (KVMRT Line 1 - Signages/Wayfinding - Project Quality Plan and Construction Method Statement ), Amiosh Resources - (1) Lembaga Tabung Haji - Flood ERP (2) WNA Consultants - DID/JPS -Flood Risk Assessment and Management Plan - Prelim, Conceptual Design, Interim and Final Report etc. (3) Tunnel Fire Safety - Fire Risk Assessment Report - Design Fire Scenario), Safety, Health and Environmental Management Plans leading construction/property companies/corporations in Malaysia. Timur West Consulting (1) Business Methodology and System (2) Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya ISMS/Audit/Risk/ITP Technical Team

* Has appeared for 10 consecutive series in “Good Morning Malaysia RTM TV1’ Corporate Talk Segment discussing on ISO 9000/14000 in various industries. For ICT, his inputs garnered from his expertise have successfully led to development of work-process e-enabling systems in the environments of intranet, portal and interactive web design especially for the construction and manufacturing. Some of the end products have won various competitions of innovativeness, quality, continual-improvements and construction industry award at national level. He has also in advisory capacity – involved in development and moderation of websites, portals and e-profiles for mainly corporate and private sectors, public figures etc. He is also one of the recipients for MOSTE Innovation for RFID use in Electronic Toll Collection in Malaysia

Risk Based Thinking ISO 9001:2015

(The answers provided are not to be deemed as solutions but basic guidelines, please contact me for further details of consultancy and training)

Q : Do I issue NCR for Risk Identification/Assessment? (i.e. HIRARC)

A : Risk Identification/Asessment and even HIRARC itself is an assessment NOT an audit/inspection. Please do not confuse the two. When we talk about risk, the word "proactive" must always come into the picture. Risk Based Thinking in the new ISO 9001:2015 is previously known as "Preventive Action" but spoken in a wider sense.

If you are using HIRARC, then there are "marks" to denote severity and likelihood of the risk being identified. You can note suggestion or instruction for improvement based on your findings and discuss in your Management Review.

Q : I am a newbie in Risk Management, where to start on Risk Based Thinking during upgrading from the old version?

A: ISO 9001:2015 do not make it "a must" to have a full risk management. Unless it's already part of your core business process (especially planning), e.g. using HIRARC, then that's different. Look at your core business process and identify/ brainstorm the possible risk associated with every process where applicable. Using the Risk Register would be a good idea.

The reason why "Risk Based Thinking" is introduced into ISO 9001:2015 is because to reduce non-conformance and customer complaints, to justify clearly (substantiated with evidence) the Department/Unit Objectives, KPI/KRA, Balance Scorecard etc. (not simply pick up a figure from 'the sky')

Note :



Saturday, March 25, 2017


And he actually did it!
When everyone at that time said "It's impossible"
He chased after his dreams and he realize his dreams into reality.
Do we have that courage?

Friday, March 17, 2017


Lesson No. 1 : The CEO must be well-informed of any risks (both technical and financial) when deciding to invest in "new innovation"

Innovative ideas may sound "juicy" but potentially may also become a great threat to sound governance practices. Few gigantic motor corporations thought innovation was a good investment hence a lot of money went to Research and Development (R and D) to produce "innovations" to only knew later that they have breached the law.

a) The VW emissiongate/dieselgate

Quoting Ian McVeigh, Head of Governance at Jupiter Asset Management wrote in the Telegraph UK in 2015 : 

"The revelation that the car giant (VW) has been using so-called “defeat device” software to get its diesel cars to pass strict emission tests has been an unmitigated disaster. Since the scandal broke, the value of the company has fallen by around €30bn (£22bn)"

Source : https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3AVW_stock_price_after_emissions_violations.png (Analysis by Dennis Bratland)

He wrote further about the significance of the CEO being well informed of investment analysis without the investors finding out about it first. Ian also mentioned about the corporate structure of German companies - having split boards - a supervisory and a management board making it potentially unclear of the "who is responsible or authorized for what?". UK however adopted the principle of putting the final responsibility with only one board.

The Volkswagen dieselgate or emission gate case started on 18 September 2015, when the US EPA issued a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act to German automaker Volkswagen Group for intentionally programmed turbocharged direct injection (TDI) diesel engines to activate certain emissions controls only during lab emission test. The programming caused the vehicles' NOx output to meet US standards during regulatory testing but emit up to 40 times more NOx in real-world driving. 

The CEO sportingly have since apologized to the customers, users and the general public. Later, he resigned.

Although Volkswagen is embarking on new policies and slowly regaining the trust of stakeholders and the car buyers, but the price they have paid is high.

Lesson No. 2 : Hiring "external party" to advise the Board can also lead to disaster.

I once heard somewhere that billionaire Warren Buffet; at some point; do not fully trust "external party's" judgement. He would rather make his own final decision.

Be careful when appointing external "subject matter experts" especially authorizing them to speak in a Board Meeting. If it is not necessary to hire, then DON'T! 

Many important decision cannot be made unanimously because the "so-called guru" says "NO". Ironically, the CEO agrees and subscribes to the "gurus" advice rather than seeking majority opinions from the experienced board members. (I've seen this happened before - it was a disaster!)

Hiring consultant assisting in corporate governance implementation is fine but these practices should be restricted to mid and support levels where CEO leads the initiative - not vice-versa. Board Members meeting must always be treated as CONFIDENTIAL.

Remember : Not everyone in the boardroom are smart guys!

Lesson No. 3 : There are always good rationales of why laws are implemented and enforced. 

Those who try to avoid the law are deemed to have "cheated" the government/ lawmakers and other stakeholders. Or put simply, betraying everyone's trust. 

One of the top cases that I've bumped into is misappropriation of funds (breach of trust) due to shareholders "manipulating" their unclear roles, responsibilities and authorities to serve their own ends. Other cases include : board ineffectiveness, unethical audit and risk practices, "unfair" pay, bad relations with external parties such as accountants and company secretaries. (aah yes, accountants and company secretaries can tell stories too - they know your secrets!)

We've witnessed how prolonged "conflict" between corporate entities and the lawmakers ending up in series of investigations and prosecutions. Long battles in the court of law not only endanger the company's reputation (even if you win the case) but the sad consequences that follow it - from people loosing jobs to reduction of market values.

Lesson No. 4 : Risk is always PROACTIVE

Never wait until problem arises. Learn the lessons from others who have failed. Take proactive measures by adopting Risk Management. (and don't just simply say....DO IT!) Proactive Risk Identification will provide you with a guide on Plan of Action (mitigation), brainstorming and develop a strategic plan. 

All these activities must happen prior to operation/project implementaton, assessed during the operation (comparing with the Risk Register for proactive risk identification stage) and mitigate during post-operation stage.

Adopt good practices of Risk Management but do not try to be too bold by taking unwanted risks!

Lesson No. 5 : Do What You Say and Say What You Do.

When you have given solemn promises or have put them in your customer charter or have addressed them in Manuals and Procedures - deliver them. Don't just file everything up and ignore them, or displaying what needed to be displayed and "that's it...end of story" - hoping that your PR will do the rest for you.

Sometimes, as a shareholder, you need to realize what you think is "impossible" can happen and do happen - whereby other shareholders (your own friends) can turn against you due to one or two angry customers who feel that you are not delivering what you have promised.

There are so many reasons of why ISO 9000 or Total Quality Management is introduced on the first place. Surely they are not to burden you but to help you.

Lesson No. 6 : Non-Conformance and Risks are opportunity for improvement

Don't scare auditors with cold bullying remarks such as :
  • "I'm your paymaster",
  • "Make it looks like there is more "loss" than "profit",
  • "I know your boss",
  • "Don't try to be too smart - remember Enron?" 

Remember, auditors are human beings too. If they feel threatened, despite the Non-Disclosure Agreement, they still can adopt the "Need to Know Basis" vs your "Transparency" - they can even get court-orders. Believe me, the end-results won't be good.

Treat auditors as friends who are trying to help you not destroy you. Treat any non-conformances as opportunities for improvement and not some "fault-finding activities". In the end, you'll be in every auditors "good book"

Don't make your company becoming one of the case study being discussed in front of other auditors in their association.

Lesson No. 7 : Be careful when setting limits on shareholder voting power.

One study (by Ken L. Bechmanna, Department of Finance, Copenhagen Business School and Johannes Raaballeb Department of Economics and Business, Aarhus University) shows that the bad corporate governance in the banks is visible in the shape of severe restrictions on shareholder rights, including voting and ownership ceilings, etc. These severe restrictions are quite unique, especially from an Anglo-Saxon perspective. In the U.S., ownership ceilings are not allowed and in a sample of 4,399 U.S. firms, only 24 had voting ceilings (see Commission of the European Communities, 2007). 

Similarly, voting and ownership ceilings are not among the 24 corporate governance provisions carefully examined by Bebchuk, Cohen and Ferrell (2009), who show that restrictions on shareholder rights lead to significant reductions in firm value.

Out of the six entrenchment provisions found to be value destroying, four of them set limits on shareholder voting power and the ability of a majority of shareholders to impose their will on the management.


When you are having problems, try avoiding easy paths such as buyover, mergers, bailouts etc or worse - let yourself willingly to become "victim" to "hostile takeover" or ending up in government intervention. 

Even if you feel like selling your shares or the company itself, don't give up yet - try your best to first to solve your problems - who knows, you might succeed against all odds. 

Be transparent to your employees - let them know what is happening, many companies have gone down to earth and surprisingly, their employees have very good ideas on how to save the company. If the idea works, give these employees the rewards that they deserve!

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#ScottSibella #MGMGrand #EpicBosses

Lessons learned. Corporate Leaders, CEO and Presidents of all major corporations of the world - THIS is the way to go!

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#Subway #DonFertman #EpicBosses

Subway listens to the sandwich artists (staff) who are directly dealing with the customers on a daily basis. This is the best way of knowing what the customers really want.

Something that is lacking in most businesses today. They only listen to their customers and ironically blame their own staff.

Monday, November 21, 2016

E-SASTERA MALAYSIA DID IT AGAIN (In Nik Zafri's perspective)

Further reading and compliments to :







Not a very long time ago, I wrote about this fabulous association (Esastera Malaysia) that unites both local and ASEAN e-writers, poets, literature practitioners/activists/fans alike.

Last week, they did it again! 

Esastera is embarking on a journey to become a global player in the e-literature market. 

Ahkarim; known for his distinctive style; 
reciting a poem at Rumah Baca Bintang Al-Ikhlas Banten

The founder Prof. Dr. Ir. Wan Abu Bakar alongside with Ah Karim, Puzi Hadi together with Ilya Kablam and Hijasri of GLP not only painstakingly contributed towards the success of ASEAN E-Writer Award simultaneously HESCOM 2016 but also helped out in few other events all held in different places including Pondok Pesantren Al-Fath Kota Cilegon, Banten and International E-Literature Seminar Indonesia and Malaysia (SISIM) 2016 where Prof. Ir. Wan and Puzi among speakers/representatives from Malaysia. 

The events have also witnessed the corporate social responsibility rendered by E-Sastera towards the needies.

GLP entertaining the guests with beautiful poetic songs

The events are organized in collaboration with Gabungan Komunitas Sastra ASEAN - GAKSA (Literature Asean Community Association) founded/lead by a young excellent Indonesian poet, Mr.Muhammad Rois Rinaldi.

Rois; who is soft spoken and humble; enjoys a reputation of being a 3-years consecutive recipient of the HESCOM Award by Esastera Malaysia- the highest appreciation;by far; ever given to any ASEAN e-poet/writer.

(Rois is also practicing his own personal social responsibility by leading the Rumah Baca Bintang Al-Ikhlas (RBBAI) Banten (House of Reading) focussing on issues of education guided by the values of religion, moral, social and cultural)

The main theme "Between Anyer and Jakarta" (inspired by one Sheila Majid's song) - Esastera appeared in Banten to voice out their strong support towards transnational unity/fraternity of literary works, how they adapt to the borderless world, the future of e-literature and their generic functions in the global issues today. Other issues are aimed towards promoting the rich culture of the archipelago (Nusantara) as well as tourism in Banten.
Web/Blog : http://rumahbacabintangalikhlas.blogspot.my/2016/09/kenali-kami-lebih-dekat.html

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/824900917543484/

Among international poets attending the events are Rohani Din, Mahroso Doloh, Zamree Idris, Jayaraksa Mukti etc.

Professor Dr. Ir. Wan announcing the final results

Other parties involved - including Reps from Banten Education Department/Cilegon Education Office and Pondok Pesantren Al-Fath Kota Cilegon, Banten and Yayasan Al-Khairiyah Banu Al-Qomar, Karangtengah Cilegon.

Me and Wife attending as honourable guests of Hescom 2015 in Dynasty Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

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#OhioStateUniversity #Cybersecurity #Scammers #NikZafri #Hasil #LHDN

This is how I teach scammers some "computer lessons" they will never forget. Never mess around with the old school programmer. You will live to regret it for life!

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#KingBhumibol #Thailand

His Royal Majesty - King Bhumibol Adulyadej  (Rama IX of Chakri Dynasty) has passed away peacefully. A true people's King. He has ruled fairly, a peace loving King, establishing justice and unity and to me - he has been well-known to treat everyone equally regardless of religion, race and social status.

On behalf of my country - in my own humble way, I wish to convey my deepest condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the Kingdom of Thailand.


Sunday, September 25, 2016


Boleh dikatakan kebanyakan dari kita gagal dalam melakukan sesuatu tugasan adalah bukan kerana cara bertindak tetapi CARA BERFIKIR.

Saya pasti ramai yang menggemari topik motivasi termasuklah menyertai kursus, membeli buku, membaca artikel dll yang memaparkan rahsia kejayaan perniagaan mahupun karier.  Ironinya, tidak ramai pula yang berjaya walaupun telah mendapat tip-tip dari mereka yang berpengalaman.

Sebenarnya, kesalahan bukanlah pada bahan motivasi atau teks yang digunakan oleh penceramah atau cara ceramah disampaikan atau apa yang dibaca, tetapi kegagalan itu adalah kerana peserta kursus atau pembaca bahan-bahan itu sendiri.

Ini kerana terdapat sifat ingin berjaya serta-merta dan beranggapan motivasi yang disalurkan kepada mereka adalah berbentuk magis atau “kuasa yang sakti” untuk mengubah hidup mereka dalam tempoh yang cepat.  Ini sebenarnya adalah sifat tergesa-gesa dan juga rasa “tamak” dan bukannya pemikiran positif.

Buktinya, mereka hanya akan bersemangat dalam tempoh jangkamasa yang singkat.  Selalunya mereka akan gagal (malah sentiasa gagal) mengekalkan keadaan “bersemangat” itu.  Bila semangat yang berkobar-kobar itu mula pudar, perasaan mereka akan sedikit demi sedikit diganti dan akhirnya dikuasai dengan “rasa rugi berbelanja untuk kursus motivasi”, “buat habis duit saja”, “tidak menjadi”, “ianya bohong” dsb. Lebih teruk lagi apabila penulis atau penceramah disalahkan – “penceramah itu hanya nak buat duit sahaja”

Tanpa disedari, pemikiran negatif inilah yang akan mencetus gelombang yang dicemari kebencian, irihati, marah, sakit hati, sangka buruk, sentiasa menyalahkan orang lain atas ‘nasib kita, menjadi pasif’ dll. Ini akan menyebabkan golongan ini berada dalam apa yang saya ibaratkan sebagai “causality loop” (1)  – suatu keadaan yang mana golongan ini terperangkap dalam suatu kitaran hidup yang sama, membosankan dan tidak ada jalan keluar. Produktiviti kerja dan keuntungan/pendapatan perniagaan serta urusan anda juga akan terganggu. Anda rasakan seolah-olah anda tidak cukup masa untuk melakukan sesuatu perkara yang penting dalam hidup anda. Disusuli pula dengan rasa tertekan hampir setiap masa, selera makan anda kurang atau terlalu kuat. Lebih teruk lagi, anda dapati anda telah disahkan mengidap penyakit kronik seperti obesiti, darah tinggi, diabetes dll. Dunia anda akan menjadi sempit sehingga hari anda meninggal dunia dengan penuh rasa kekecewaan.


“Apa yang anda fikir, anda akan zahirkan, anda akan menariknya, jika anda tumpukan masa ke atas apa yang anda tidak mahu, maka semuanya yang anda tidak mahukan itu akan dizahirkan, ditarik pada diri anda satu demi satu”

Apa yang dirasakan seperti “kononnya ada perbezaan” dalam kitaran ini – hanyalah suasana yang dicipta dari ilusi dan escapism sekadar hanya mengisi rasa kekosongan dalam diri. Ibaratkan seseorang yang mengubah kedudukan perabut dalam rumah yang sama untuk menghilangkan kebosanan melihat posisi yang sama setiap hari.

(1) A temporal causality loop (or simply causality loop) is a type of phenomenon whereby a specific moment in time repeats itself continually inside an independent fragment of time.

Kaedah terbaik ialah :

1.  Riadah – apabila anda mengesan masalah bakal melanda dan cuba menguasai diri anda :

kosongkan diri anda serta merta, tarik nafas yang panjang – tahan dan hembus perlahan-lahan (3 X berturut-turut), tutup mata perlahan-lahan seolah-olah anda mula tidur, pandang (antara dua kening) seolah-olah anda berada dalam cahaya yang terang bersuhu nyaman, angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, suasana di tepi pantai yang indah. 

2. Minda -  segera bersangka-baik (yakin yang negatif tidak selamanya negatif dan ianya pasti berubah menjadi positif), banyakkan senyuman, sentiasa berpesepsi positif - mengambil pengajaran dari kegagalan – menjadikannya satu kekuatan untuk bangkit walaupun jatuh berkali-kali, tidak mudah berputus asa, jika anda sakit - anda akan segera makan ubat dan bertemu dengan doktor, anda akan sentiasa berteguh cita-cita – berusaha ikhtiar – berdoa  - dan berserah setelah bekerja keras untuk mencapai cita-cita yang diidamkan.

Anda akan dapati produktiviti, kualiti kerja malah perniagaan yang anda jalankan mendapat keuntungan (samada besar atau kecil). Lebih menakjubkan anda sendiri tetap berperasaan gembira dan ceria.


Sekiranya anda boleh berada dalam suasana seperti ini dan mengekalkannya sehingga melihat hasil yang memberangsangkan, saya yakin, gelombang yang dicetuskan dari diri anda adalah berbentuk positif, anda mendapat ketenangan menerusi kesabaran, sentiasa gemar mendapatkan nasihat yang baik, sifat ingin mencontohi mereka yang berjaya malah anda akan kagum melihat mereka yang gagal tetapi tidak pernah putus asa dan bangkit dari kejatuhan dsb.

Anda juga akan bersifat lebih menyintai kemanusiaan – tiba-tiba terasa perasaan insaf dalam diri anda, tiba-tiba menjadi seorang penderma yang ikhlas – membantu mereka yang dalam kesempitan – menjaga alam sekitar – dll.

Anda menjadi seorang pemberi yang tidak pernah mahukan sebarang balasan kerana anda yakin bahawa setiap kebaikan akan dibalas dengan kebaikan. Tanpa disedari, anda juga mendapati anda dikelilingi oleh mereka yang berfikiran positif dan sentiasa berjaya.

Malah tidak mengejutkan saya jika anda akan dapat "hidupkan jiwa-jiwa yang mati" dan mereka yang pernah gagal akan menjadikan anda sebagai contoh untuk mereka kembali berjaya!!

Kekuatan minda umpama ini sangatlah luarbiasa – ianya mampu menukar suasana  ‘causality loop’ kepada ‘ripple effects’  (2) yang membuka peluang demi peluang (seolah-olah tidak pernah kehabisan) dan anda rasakan diri anda sangat bertuah, menyedari betapa luasnya dunia ini terbentang menyediakan pelbagai perkara menarik yang masih belum anda terokai.  

(2) the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.

Anda menjadi seorang yang idealistik dan inovatif.  Andalah pelukis hidup anda sendiri. Anda juga menjadi seorang yang suka berterimakasih dan selalu bersyukur kerana dikurniakan akal yang bijak dan matang.  Pola pemikiran ini akan mempengaruhi tindakan anda. Anda sentiasa melihat jalan keluar dari segala masalah anda. 

Objektif anda adalah satu : “UNTUK BERJAYA”


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Oleh : Nik Zafri Abdul Majid, Disember, 2005 - Sebarang penyalinan kembali harta intelek ini dalam apa juga bentuk tanpa kebenaran penulis adalah menyalahi undang-undang

Penulis pasti ramai di kalangan usahawan meminati bidang francais. Francais juga merupakan satu bidang yang sangat berpotensi untuk dimajukan. Bagi yang meminati bidang ini, berikut ada beberapa 'tips' yang boleh penulis kongsi bersama kepada bakal usahawan yang ingin terjun ke bidang ini.

1. Mengetahui apa itu francais dengan membaca maklumat mengenainya, memasuki kursus jangkapendek/jangkapanjang, mendapatkan nasihat rakan-rakan yang telah berjaya di bidang francais, mendapatkan khidmat perunding/peguam/akauntan yang trampil/berkelayakan/berpengalaman, dan sebagainya,

2. Mengenalpasti kemampuan (pengetahuan dan kewangan) anda dan prospek menyertai bidang ini, jika terasa masih ada sebarang kekurangan yang nyata pada diri anda, maka berundurlah dengan seberapa segera,

3. Mengetahui bahawa francais adalah merupakan satu sistem edaran dan francaisor merupakan penciptanya di mana francaisi perlu mematuhinya,

4. Mengetahui bahawa perniagaan francais adalah seumpama mendapatkan satu lesen yang perlu dijaga dengan teliti dan tidak melanggar apa-apa undang-undang yang bersabit dengannya sehingga mengakibatkan lesen itu 'mati' atau 'ditarikbalik',

5. Setiap perniagaan yang baik memerlukan wawasan - maka anda juga perlu membuat satu wawasan selama 1 dekad atau lebih halatuju hidup anda (termasuk peribadi) dalam perniagaan ini - wawasan ini perlu dipecahkan (dan diukur/tandaras/benchmarking) kepada dasar, misi, objektif, sasaran, hasil keputusan termasuk PDCA

6. Memastikan jenis perniagaan yang sesuai - samada produk/perkhidmatan - yang akan diniagakan dalam bentuk francais,

7. Mengenalpasti kehendak francisor (yang boleh diibaratkan sebagai pelanggan) atau francaisi; jika anda francaisor; (yang boleh dianggap sebagai 'rakan kongsi' dan bukannya 100% sebagai seorang 'pembekal atau agen')

8. Adakah anda merancang untuk bekerja sendirian atau secara perkongsian samada francaisi atau francisor,

9. Jika anda berminat menjadi seorang francaisor, anda perlu memastikan jenis industri terbaik dan berpotensi dengan melihat 'petunjuk-petunjuk' seperti prestasi saham, operasi, kewangan, jualan/pemasaran dan prospektus syarikat-syarikat seumpamanya/pesaing sebelum melaburkan wang,

10. Jika anda berminat menjadi seorang francaisi, anda perlu mendapatkan maklumat semaksimanya dari francaisor dan :

10.1 menilai maklumat berkenaan,

10.2 jika perlu, anda harus melawat premis dan/atau kilang pengeluaran milik francaisor,

10.3 anda perlu bertanyakan maklumat-maklumat secara langsung dengan francaisor samada menerusi surat-menyurat, e-mail, panggilan telefon atau semasa lawatan ke premis francaisor,

10.4 jika francaisor memiliki laman web/portal, lawatilah laman web/portal berkenaan,

10.5 minta dari francaisor sebarang brosur/flyer/maklumat teknikal produk/perkhidmatan atau Contoh surat/perjanjian Tawaran Francais,

10.6 jika boleh, dapatkan senarai francaisi yang telah beroperasi dengan francaisor dan cuba hubungi francaisi berkenaan bagi mendapatkan maklumat mengenai francaisor dan cara sistem perniagaan ini beroperasi,

10.7 jika boleh, anda perlu mendapatkan aliran proses perniagaan (core-business plan) daripada francaisor (biasanya jika francaisor telah disijilkan dengan ISO 9000),

10.8 cuba dapatkan maklumat mengenai francaisor daripada vendor-vendor/pembekal-pembekal/sab-kontraktor yang membekalkan khidmat/produk kepada francaisor,

10.9 sertai pameran yang bersabit dengan perniagaan francais dan dapatkan seberapa banyak maklumat - tetapi ini belum mencukupi kerana anda masih perlu melawat premis francaisor,

11. Memahami cara pengurusan kewangan yang berkaitan dengan perniagaan francais yang telah anda pilih, (samada francaisi/francaisor)

12. Mengetahui bayaran-bayaran yang perlu seperti royalti, jaminan bank (BA/BG/LC), iklan dan promosi dan sebagainya,

13. Mengetahui jumlah modal yang diperlukan untuk mula beroperasi?

14. Membuat satu rancangan/pelan perniagaan termasuk analisa pasaran dan risiko, ramalan jualan, sumber manusia yang trampil/berkelayakan/berpengalaman, ramalan aliran tunai, untung rugi, dan sebagainya,

15. Sentiasa mempunyai hubungan/komunikasi yang baik antara francaisi dan francaisor. Walaupun sesetengah masalah pasti akan timbul sehingga ke peringkat yang boleh 'mengancam' kontrak/perjanjian atau kepentingan mana-mana pihak, namun komunikasi yang baik boleh menyelesaikan segala masalah yang timbul,

16. Sentiasa mendapatkan khidmat nasihat perunding/akauntan/peguam yang dilantik - ini penting bagi memahami kehendak francaisor/francaisi seperti spesifikasi, perjanjian yang akan ditandatangani dan sebagainya.

Samada anda seorang francaisi atau francaisor, penulis ucapkan :


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RASUAH "CARA BARU" - Oleh Nik Zafri

Image Source : greece.greekreporter.com

Rasuah tetap rasuah walau bagaimana pun ianya ditafsir. Terdapat banyak trend baru untuk menutup rasuah. 

Semua organisasi, entiti perniagaan dll adalah tertakluk kepada Akta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia 2009 (Akta SPRM 2009) dan mereka perlu berhati-hati dalam mewujudkan prosedur yang perlu meliputi apakah beza di antara apa yang ditafsir sebagai "tidak beretika" dan apa yang ditafsir sebagai "bersalahan dari segi undang-undang".

Apatah lagi syarikat-syarikat dan firma-firma yang benar-benar ikhlas untuk menjadikan amalan urustadbir korporat sebagai panduan mereka.

Kita sudah banyak mendengar mengenai Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat atau CSR di mana sejumlah derma yang besar jumlahnya diberikan kepada persatuan atau pertubuhan bukan kerajaan yang berasaskan kebajikan.

Percaya atau tidak, terdapat ahli pertubuhan/persatuan atau kelab sebegini mempunyai perhubungan secara terus dengan orang-orang berpengaruh dalam sesebuah agensi kerajaan mahupun swasta.

Bukan satu kebetulan, setelah mana-mana entiti atau organisasi menyumbangkan derma yang banyak menerusi NGO berasaskan kebajikan, penderma ini akan mendapat habuan projek dsb. hasil daripada 'bantuan' yang diberikan oleh ahli NGO berkenaan.

Rasa saya, sudah sampai masanya, ROS, SSM, Jabatan Audit Negara, SPRM dll melakukan penyiasatan 'forensik' yang terperinci ke atas NGO-NGO yang begitu banyak di negara ini. Sesetengah yang saya temui, tidak segan-silu menyatakan pada saya bahawa tujuan penubuhan NGO ni adalah untuk mendapatkan wang, habuan malah geran pula.

Penyiasatan patut ditumpukan kepada :

a) Kenali siapakah mereka yang menjadi ahli dalam NGO berkenaan atau melantik ahli keluarga yang berkaitan dengan mereka yang mempunyai jawatan dan pengaruh dalam tender dsb.,

b) Penilaian "due diligence" untuk memastikan adakah NGO yang ingin ditubuhkan benar-benar entiti filantrofik (penilaian ini juga perlu diperluaskan kepada entiti pelaburan atau koperasi atau konsortium atau syarikat "berhad" atau syarikat "perdagangan")

c) Sebarang permohonan derma atau pemberian derma yang terlalu besar jumlahnya serta berkaitan pula dengan tender atau kontrak secara generik perlu disiasat

d) Memastikan bahawa terdapat dasar yang jelas sebagai panduan ke atas CSR atau derma yang bertemakan "kebajikan" bagi memastikan :

i) ianya sampai kepada golongan sasaran atau ahli yang memerlukan,

ii) terdapat ketelusan dalam laporan yang dikemukakan termasuk persetujuan dan disclosure sebelum dan selepas wang derma diterima

Paling penting di sini ialah Pegawai-Pegawai yang dilantik menjaga perbendaharaan dan kewangan perlukan tauliah yang secukupnya. Begitu juga dengan para penilai NGO berkenaan.

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